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Introducing NexLevel Roofing & Outdoor Living

NexLevel Roofing and Outdoor Living was created by the owners of Cornerstone Outdoors and IRoofs. Their vision was to create a company that truly takes every aspect of their business to the NexLevel. With this recent expansion, their customers get masters of the industry that they represented since as early as 2007 and bring them together in order to provide their customers with knowledge and experience that few companies truly have to offer.

NexLevel Roofing and Outdoor Living installs roofing, outdoor living spaces, and more in Celina, TX, and the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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About the Company

Brandon Weddle was the owner of Cornerstone Outdoors from 2007-2022 and has been working in the outdoor living industry since 2004. He has specialized in anything and everything outdoor living related. He not only owned the company but specialized in the actual installs of all the structures that were built.

Chad Kennemer was the owner of IRoofs since 2014 and has been in the roofing industry since 2011. From commercial to residential, there is not any type of roof that IRoofs has not installed. Chad was a former firefighter/paramedic and built his business with integrity being the main focus in an industry that truly lacks what he believes.

After years of becoming masters of their industry, Brandon and Chad have decided to merge their businesses into one master business.

“We were two individual companies that specialized in our fields of work that decided to combine together to take all of our projects, customers’ needs, and customer service to the NexLevel.”

— Chad

What You Can Expect

We have the same goal – to provide NexLevel customer service and professional contracting work to homeowners and businesses around the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We are the same people with the same equipment and integrity as we were with Cornerstone and IRoofs. As one combined company, we are able to offer more. We are simply more efficient and effective when we work together.

What We Do

At NexLevel, we install residential and commercial roofs, outdoor living spaces, and more.

Outdoor spaces include:






Shade arbors






Patio covers




Outdoor kitchens

By combining our companies, we have also combined our skilled crews. Let us know what you’d like built on your property and we can evaluate if it’s doable.
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Where We Work

Although we still have the same home base in Celina, TX, we are now able to expand our service area. We work anywhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and the surrounding towns and cities such as Gunter, Frisco, McKinney, Allen, and Plano. However, with multiple crews, we can travel further. Therefore, we are able to provide our exterior services anywhere in the state of Texas.

For more information on a roofing service or outdoor living space, please call our office at 972-346-6432 or reach out today!