Don’t Pay for Your Roof Repairs, Let Insurance Cover the Cost

That is why you pay insurance premiums and why the insurance companies for roof replacements. The best way to protect your investment to have one of our trained roof contractors come out and provide you with a detailed inspection report. Our staff have the experience, knowledge, and tools needed to properly handle any insurance claim. The team at IROOFS will provide you with the best roofing solutions for your property with minimal disruption to your day to day operations.

Ask About Our Roof Maintenance & Inspection Program

Don’t let your time frame for filing a storm related claim expire. Insurance companies only give you a certain amount of time to file a claim and get the necessary repairs made. Once that time frame has expired you may not be covered or able to recover the insurance companies remaining funds.

If a final invoice is not turned into the insurance carrier for the work completed on the property then the insurance carrier will not cover those items in the event of another storm.

IROOFS will take of all required paperwork to make sure the property is fully insured once completed.

Do I need a roof replacement?

• To qualify for a full roof replacement, insurance companies require anywhere from 8 to 13 hits per square.
• There has to be damage on all sides of the roof for a full roof replacement
• Insurance companies are required to pay for anything that was damaged during the storm event. This includes gutters, fences, personal property, and so on.
• By having an IROOFS representative on-site when the adjuster comes out you can be assured that we will act as an advocate for the property owner.

Filing an Insurance Claim

• First, locate your insurance policy and then contact us to schedule a pre-claim inspection of your home. We use the same criteria as insurance adjusters to determine the extent of the damage incurred, as well as to determine if there is indeed a claim.

• After completing your roof report, a representative from our company will inform you about their findings. If there is enough damage to file a claim, we will advise you to contact your insurance company to begin the claims process. From there, you insurance company will assign an adjuster to to perform an inspection of your room and confirm the severity of the damages.

• When your insurance adjuster contacts you, they will confirm the date and time for your inspection. Once you have your appointment date, time, and claim #, contact your representative here at IROOFS, as they will then meet with the insurance adjuster to discuss the damage and act as an advocate on your behalf.

• The day of the inspection your representative will arrive at your property at the confirmed time and meet with the insurance adjuster to discuss the extent of the damage. After the adjuster has completed his inspection he will then send you a written report outlining the damages and specifications for the contractor to follow with pre-determined prices estimated for each item. You will also receive your Actual Cash Value check, which is the value of your roof at the present time. Upon completion, a second check will be issued, which is your recoverable depreciation.

• Upon immediate receipt of your summary, contact your IROOFS representative and we will then review the summary with you, prepare a scope of work, and negotiate the price of repairs. We match our contract to the work specified in the insurance adjusters summary report, including supplemental 3rd party reports that may need to be added if the insurance adjuster left something out of his report.

• Once the scope of work has been completed based off the settlement, we will send a final invoice to your insurance company requesting release of recoverable depreciation which was withheld, and upon receipt of the final payment we will collect the remaining balance including the deductible.

How Our Pricing Systems Works

We work off of the pricing set by the insurance carrier, which allows us to provide the highest quality roof replacement to our clients. Many people have a misunderstanding on how the insurance process works. They think that if they get the cheapest bid they will be able to put money in their pocket. However, this can end up costing them more money in the long run.

You will normally be entitled to two checks on insurance claims. One is for before the repairs are made and the second is paid once the final invoice is sent into the insurance carrier.

For more information about our services, to request a free inspection, please contact us today at 972-382-7802.